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Well, I just absolutely love that first Sunday night of the summer holidays! The sky is blue, the TV is on and you can use the internet - without feeling guilty because you haven’t planned that year 8 lesson yet.

If you aren’t a teacher, or you’re not living with one, you can have no idea how dark and depressing Sunday nights can be. Yes, we love our job - we love working with young people daily and seeing the amazing progress a child can make - but Sunday evenings are like a dark grey cloud hanging over an otherwise promising horizon; tainting the otherwise picturesque week ahead.

So what is it about Sunday nights?
Well, they weigh down on us with the constant reminder of all the admin tasks we haven’t done yet, such as: planning lessons; making, printing and cutting resources; entering or updating data; marking books, assessments or homework, and of course the general day to day challenges - including difficult colleagues or pupils.

However, during the holidays we become regular, normal people. With regular, normal lives and we get to enjoy Sunday nights just as they should be enjoyed! This means we can read a good book, enjoy a nice glass of wine or a cold bottle of beer. Alternatively, we can go to the movies, or visit friends and family - and we can do all of this, without the guilt/ worry/ anxiety of the week ahead.

Now that is priceless!