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Well, been back at work an in the classroom for almost 4 weeks now.

This 4th week is really highlighting the stresses and demands we, as Secondary School teachers, are facing…

It is only the 4th week and already I feel completely exhausted; I have a continuous throbbing headache that threatens to implode, momentarily (particularly when someone stops to say ‘Oh, I was just about to email you…’). The line of emails in my inbox with reminders/ jobs/ requests/ things to note is growing daily, and creating a to-do list that is ridiculous.

Add to that the reminders and demands for the analysis and justification of GCSE results - evidencing why pupils I taught might/ might not have reached their target grade, and what I DID to ensure they would. In England, we seem to have completely lost the focus from pupil responsibility, and what they are doing, to become completely focused on how hard the teacher is sweating to ensure their lazy pupils don’t flunk! Then - add to this - the evaluations of the new, current GCSE pupils and their targets, predictions and what I AM DOING to ensure they get their grades.

Ok, sounds enough already doesn’t it? Now, add in the marking - every week - for 8 classes. Yes. 8 classes. Next, mix in a dash of planning 22 lessons a week, and preparing resources for them all. Got that? Now, fold in some (approx) 100 emails to read and respond to - many of which carrying jobs to perform/ tasks to complete…

You’ll agree - it’s a recipe for disaster, stress and doom!

I worked out that last week I did a 67 hour working week. The week before it was 62. This week (since Sunday) I have piled up 22 hours already (It’s Tuesday night).

The demands of the Secondary Teacher, in England, is becoming ridiculous… and Wilshaw has the balls to suggest that we should have pay freezes if we leave school at 3pm. I would LOVE to be paid for the hours I put in…

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  2. wincherella said: Very similar to what I am doing here in Canada. However, our provincial government is freezing our wages, among other things, but asking us to conduct business as usual.
  3. journeysabound said: Yikes. Hope your week gets better! I start my first PGCE placement in November…hope it’s a tad less hardcore, although I’m steeling myself for a few difficult months. Still excited though.
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