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The author proposing this idea points out how rubrics have expedited the grading process for many faculty and also clarified expectations for students, but when the paper is returned, the student gets the rubric with a check next to quality level attained and maybe a few brief remarks squeezed into a small space provided for comments. What this assumes is that students will look at their paper and see why it merited that particular quality rating.

Two sets of Always Sometimes Never cards for use with different ability levels, tackling 2-d and 3-d shapes, and some mensuration knowledge

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It’s a great idea for teachers have a collection of special, signature products that students and parents recognize. I’ve seen some great customized stamps, post-its, stickers, etc.

I came across this adorable stationary on Pinterest today.  ”Happy notes” written to students and/or parents can be used to recognize achievements and good behaviour. 

How lovely.

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The sides say: I need help, I’m working hard, and I’m finished.

This could be used for individual seat work. Every student could have one of these, and flip it to the appropriate label to let others know what they are doing, and it lets the teacher see at a glance who needs help.

Mini AFL flip charts. Very good idea.