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Exactly. Collegiality is what it is all about.

Superb. Truth. Now, get on twitter…!


unlearningschool knows:

What good classroom management looks like. 


Via the new social learning

Randomly, as I was sat watching some telly last night, I realised that I’ve had more CPD in the last year than I had since beginning my NQT year. One of the major reasons for this, (and there are others) is the ability to network and share on twitter/ tumblr / Dropbox.

The various versions of ‘tags’ allow us to share our ideas, experiences, resources and, when necessary, complaints. Just like the ‘staffroom’, I was anxious that it might become a bitter spiral in to the hell and unstoppable moaning, but it isn’t.


Well, because #teachers who are using these sites aren’t using them to moan about little Johnny who won’t hand his homework in on time; they are using them simply for CPD.

Those teachers out there who aren’t a part of the ‘network’ - where are they getting their professional development?..

This is my pedagogy target - to be more creative and try something new.

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Educators Guide to the use of Pinterest in Education

An amazing article with tons of great resources. Definitely worth a look.

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I predict the common-core standards will fail, unless we can do massive professional development for teachers. There’s no fast track to this.

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Dear Powers-At-Be:

Please consider a way to give me credit for the massive amount of time I spend searching the web, participating in #edchats and reading #education tumblr feeds.  While you still see PD hours as “in a meeting,”  I would like to pick up a few while watching the latest webinar.



If you have any questions, I’ll be at the coffeshop.  But I’m available by Skype.