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Main Idea Anchor Chart



A great classroom poster to help students understand that everyone has different needs that require different supports.

I need this.



Took a seminar on using technology in the classroom today. This was a list of apps that are beneficial to different stages of learning.

And tumblr is on it. lol.

The presenter also suggested a very interesting method of getting questions/input during the class without stopping for every question: having students tweet their biggest questions to a Twitter account made for the class, and then address the important ones as you give your lecture/allow fellow students to answer one another. Just a very different approach at using technology during the class to add another dimension to a lecture/make it more interactive.


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sorry about the mess, but we are learning here.

Need one of these!

Give your classroom the makeover it deserves using these colourful posters, eye-catching charts and inspiring quotes and certificates….

A whole collection of resources available here.

A whole list of bulletin board ideas here :)


Organization Tip: Use a dish rack for filing and as a pencil holder. It’s Genius!

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Been in to school today to sort and move everything out of my old room and in to my new room. Here’s the new desk area! Mainly all done. Will need new displays but I will use that as an activity in the Autumn term with my groups :)

Downloadable displays etc.


Schools are becoming more and more technology oriented each day. At times, it seems that the ability of working with the lastest gadgets, computer software and social networking sites comes naturally to children. Meanwhile, adults struggle just to keep up. Since social networking has…