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I created this to use with year 9. I want them to identify ways of creating atmosphere. Here, I’ve used the weather.

But I also want them to ‘peer assess’ and to suggest ways to change and improve.

What is punctuation’s job? #Cool

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Wislawa Szymborska, “The Three Oddest Words”

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A happy little achievement – I marked my Y11 Mock papers! Hurrah!

I have a set 3/5 Year 11 group, who are a C/D borderline group. They sat a WJEC Reading Paper and Writing Paper last week, after 9 teaching weeks on exam prep.

Teaching the unit 1 and 2…

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It has been proposed that the legal age for buying alcohol should be reduced from eighteen to sixteen.

Write an article for a teenage magazine exploring the advantages and disadvantages of this proposal.

In a piece in Wired Magazine, writer Anne Trubek argues that our fixation on correct spelling is outdated. Trubek thinks we should abandon spelling rules and “let luce.” Wired copy editor Lee Simmons fired back arguing that these standards make communication possible.

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