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#TheCrucible revision: Essay feedback #MostCommonProblems #ThingsToFix

The author proposing this idea points out how rubrics have expedited the grading process for many faculty and also clarified expectations for students, but when the paper is returned, the student gets the rubric with a check next to quality level attained and maybe a few brief remarks squeezed into a small space provided for comments. What this assumes is that students will look at their paper and see why it merited that particular quality rating.


What a fascinating article. It not only talks about learning but also how our behavior towards education is developed. The feedback from our teachers and parents are crucial to our perspective of our own learning ability.

It would be interesting to see if and how those perspectives change as we get older and how that affects lives. I know mine has shifted back and forth slightly. I think the way people perceive creativity is similar. It can be blocked by our own perspectives.

The research from this study could totally be applied to UX. When a user does something wrong and gets an error, they should be encouraged to try again so frustration doesn’t set in.