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Writing Prompt: You begin in one world and end in another. Describe your journey in 1st person. 

A descriptive writing prompt.

A descriptive writing prompt.

I recently discovered this useful website, which enables you to create games to use in the classroom. Revision/ teacher-led activities etc. All good fun :)

You can find some of my ‘shared’ resources available on @tes here


1. Don’t have a full time job. If you are to teach a perfect lesson, then the first thing you must ensure is that you are not a full time teacher. Full time teachers haven’t got the time to teach perfect lessons. It’s only gurus who can do this because gurus don’t have pigeonholes to check.


Descriptive/ narrative/ setting/ #writingprompt

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Photographer Stephen Wilkes creates remarkable images of night and day at once by setting up his camera to take pictures of a single scene over and over for 15 hours. He then blends the images to get this time-defying effect.

This could be an excellent creative writing prompt/ or prompt for a small vocaublary based project. Very inspiring! :)

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To know what to do for a kid without a knowledge of that kid’s intimate variables is often little more than a hopeful shot in the dark.
Teaching with Love and Logic, pg 117. (via positivelypersistentteach)

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  1. What Makes YouTube Unique – Basic facts and figures (40 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 1,Slides Lesson 1
  2. Detecting Lies – (35 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 2, Slides Lesson 2
  3. Safety Mode – (5 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 3, Slides Lesson 3
  4. Online Reputation and Cyberbullying – (45 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 4, Slides Lesson 4
  5. Policy – The Community Guidelines (20 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 5, Slides Lesson 5
  6. Reporting content – Flagging (20 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 6, Slides Lesson 6
  7. Privacy part 1 – (40 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 7, Slides Lesson 7
  8. Privacy part 2 – (50 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 8, Slides Lesson 8
  9. Copyright – (40 mins) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 9, Slides Lesson 9
  10. Additional resources/Appendix including parent resources Teacher’s Guide Additional Materials, Slides Additional Materials

Or you can download the Full Teacher’s Guide or the Full Set of Slides in PDF.

thedogatemylessonplan: has many fun version of stop watches to display on your Smart Board. Helps to keep your student visually see the amount of time remaining for any given task.

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