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Write the story. What has happened?

This is a fascinating photo and would be great to use as a prompt for descriptive writing, involving: pathetic fallacy, mood, atmosphere and senses.


“The first thing that happened is I uploaded it and looked at it and called my girlfriend in. I think at that point we knew it was a really cool photo. It was something I had wanted to photograph the two years I had been here, but I didn’t really think anybody else would look at it.”

–Amateur San Francisco photographer Phil McGrew talks about his photo of a lightning strike that went viral.

(Photo: Phil McGrew/Flickr)

What an interesting writing prompt.

This could be shown as a writing prompt, asking pupils to describe the setting/ mood/ atmosphere/ write the opening to a narrative… etc.

(via the-absolute-best-gifs)

What a fantastic writing prompt. Get pupils to describe the mood and atmosphere!

(via the-absolute-best-gifs)