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…when you realize next year is going to beso. much. easier.

Having autonomy in my classroom is awesome (I know what books I have to teach, but can choose how I teach them/how much time I spend on them), but it is also exhausting—we’re talking two to three hours prep every night, and I am…


What should students learn in the 21st century?

By Charles Fadel
Founder & chair­man, Cen­ter for Cur­ricu­lum Redesign

Vice-chair of the Edu­ca­tion com­mit­tee of the Busi­ness and Indus­try Advi­so­ry Com­mit­tee (BIAC) to the Orga­ni­za­tion for Eco­nom­ic Co-operat…

Interesting aspects - especially that today’s school curriculum is so packed with teaching content that there is little time to aquire important skills. I would argue that most teachers don’t know how to teach skills or even have or understand the skills required in an adult life in the not too distant future.


A fascinating article. Here are three of the ten:

  1. Critical Thinking: The best assignments cannot be copied. This might include asking students to develop an argument and defend it individually or having students develop their own math problems or their own processes for solving shared math problems. 
  2. Move Toward Mastery: Help students see that the goal is not completion, but mastery. Get rid of averages and zeroes. Students need to understand that cheating prevents teachers from providing necessary intervention and plan for future learning. 
  3. Monitor Frequently Engage with Students Often: If a student turns in a plagiarized essay, chances are the teacher wasn’t part of the pre-planning, writing and editing process. Teachers need to monitor students often and provide instant feedback so that incompletion doesn’t snowball into an opportunity to cheat.

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Absolutely loads of resources here!


I have finally finally finally FINALISED what I will be teaching my year 10’s.

It will be a unit of work that explores the nature of narrative, short stories, and the act of storytelling.In particular, students will analyse and respond to a variety of short stories, create their own short story, and write an analytical essay of the film Big Fish.


if anyone has any suggestions of short stories to study that will compliment Big Fish nicely?

A Teaching To-Do List!

I think this is cuper cute, but you could very easily adapt this to suit your own needs / Key Stage etc. Brilliant.