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An English teacher at a Secondary School in the UK. * Sharing and questioning the day job. * I teach KS3/4/5.
* Looking for inspiration and motivation, to share with others. * Looking to constantly improve and grow. * On Twitter at @MissBex_M *
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Reading is Sexy #amen #brilliant #truth

Reading is Sexy #amen #brilliant #truth

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'All you need is books'

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“Getting so into a book that everything around you fades away.”

Lovely quote about #reading

I discovered this post on yahoo today and I thought it was interesting. How many of those books have YOU read?

I’m 27 and so far, I have read none of them! lol - Although I have read most of 1984.

Hilarious but saddening post. This won’t be too far away for some!

Hilarious but saddening post. This won’t be too far away for some!

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Finding Time vs. Making Time

I honestly wonder what I did with all that time I had, before I became a teacher.

Scrap that.


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How to find the main idea…

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Question of the day from the book “180 Questions: Daily Reflections for Educators and their Professional Learning Communities.” Now available in the iTunes Bookstore.

Click here to get a copy.


i just wish i could read harry potter for the first time again

Yep. Harry Potter fanhead here too!

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