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Creatively put…


Creatively put…

This is my pedagogy target - to be more creative and try something new.

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Who run the world?


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What do High School students want from mobile tech?

Young people are becoming ‘wired’ and proficient with Internet use at an earlier age. According to this research, children age 2 - 11 make up 9.5 percent of the current online population. When this generation grow up having access to such tools, it is no wonder that they would prefer for this kind of technology to be integrated within learning:

  • 63 percent of students want online textbooks with communication facilities;
  • 40 percent want online texts with collaboration tools.
  • 43 percent stated social media is one of the main ways they communicate with friends online.
  • 62 percent  of student use the Internet as a new source; whereas 17 percent use it to gain knowledge concerning topics generally difficult to talk about — such as drug use.



You forgot to add parenting