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Dystopia. You wake up and look out of the window. What has happened? Describe where you are and how it came to be.

Dystopia. You wake up and look out of the window. What has happened? Describe where you are and how it came to be.



Rules for Teachers, 1915.  (From

A wee bit of history

Does anyone have any resources for Arthur Miller’s ‘Broken Glass’ ?

I need to teach it at A Level - I’ve started some work on it, but would welcome any resources etc.


Seating charts I made! I glued them to manilla folders , then laminated the folders! I can write students’ names in marker, then wipe them away if seats change! The folders will also be what I use to return graded work. I’m pretty excited about it.

I’m coming up with lots of cool organizational things for my first year! 

Below (hard to see) are my table folders. 8 folders for each of the 8 tables— a group of these for each of my 12 classes. Each of the 12 classes has their own color. Each “day” (A, B, C day rotation) has their own color scheme.

Reblogging for the seating plan idea!



sorry about the mess, but we are learning here.

Need one of these!

1867 Green Door (This crypt was photographed at a cemetery in East Manchester). Use this as a creative writing prompt.


16 Ways Educators use Pinterest

(via teachingtomakeadifference)

All those in education - please stand up for yourselves and for fellow colleagues! Stop the UK Government from destroying the teaching profession. Instead, sign the petition to show that the ….

government should make it a legal requirement that any person supervising, covering and teaching classes in England must hold QTS.

Thank you

If not - why not?

It’s a fantastic resource allowing you to save and access any files/ photos etc. at home - at work - on a PC - MacBook - iPhone - iPad etc. Well worth it!! Give it a go here :) I can’t recommend it enough!!!!

Been in to school today to sort and move everything out of my old room and in to my new room. Here’s the new desk area! Mainly all done. Will need new displays but I will use that as an activity in the Autumn term with my groups :)