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LuzInterruptus, an anonymous light artists collective, demonstrates the power of the written word in their latest installment, “Light vs. Traffic”. In this symbolic gesture, “literature took control of the streets and became the conquerer of the public space”. This road of books is a great reminder that our stories are part of an important journey that can send a powerful message. 


Cool gif #Space


Othello, Act 4, scene 2(original photograph by GilG Photo) 


Othello, Act 4, scene 2
(original photograph by GilG Photo

Lovely Office Space - I wish I could have this in my apartment!


A blade of grass

is a blade of grass

to the universe,

but to us

it can be so much more:

A memory of childhood,

a symbol of heroism.

an allegory of the Great Fall,

a simile to describe a feeling of loneliness.

The imagination of the human consciousness

amazes me

and makes me think

maybe the universe should look at that blade of grass

in a different light.