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I created this handy help sheet for staff about ‘Bell Work’.

It’s commonly used in primary schools, but less so (it seems) in Secondary school classrooms. Tomorrow, at our department meeting, I am introducing and promoting the concept of Bell work to the rest of my department.

Sharing, as this may be useful.


New Teacher Classroom Management. This is a helpful video with awesome tips to help make learning go smoother in a classroom. Also to make it more engaging and fun!



To Which I Respond:

HAHAHAHAHA this made me LOL Totally inappropriate tho


  1. The words you use are as powerful as the message you are trying to convey – do you always know what to say when under stress?
  2. Describing exactly what students are doing is often more effective than telling them not to do something.
  3. Giving students an option when dealing with items they should…


The word ‘group’ started to look really weird.

[P.S. Edit: I got everything above — stars, labels, sticks — from the dollar store. Cost: three bucks and twenty minutes total.]


For the whole class or personal


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Seating charts I made! I glued them to manilla folders , then laminated the folders! I can write students’ names in marker, then wipe them away if seats change! The folders will also be what I use to return graded work. I’m pretty excited about it.

I’m coming up with lots of cool organizational things for my first year! 

Below (hard to see) are my table folders. 8 folders for each of the 8 tables— a group of these for each of my 12 classes. Each of the 12 classes has their own color. Each “day” (A, B, C day rotation) has their own color scheme.

Reblogging for the seating plan idea!


I teach 6 and 7 year olds and they LOVE stickers. Most schools give out stickers to students so students usually have a sticker book where they collect their stickers.

At my school the english teachers have to buy them. But its not really that big of a deal that I do. I feel like its worth it to see the smile on students face’s when they earn them.

Okay, so how do they earn stickers?

We have a minus 3 and plus 3 point system for students. So each student starts at neutral at the beginning of the lesson depending on the student’s behavior (good or negative), the student will be moved plus one or negative one respectively. We try to have at least 1/5 or 1/3 at most with stickers earned for each day. If too many students get stickers then its not really an award anymore because its too easy. If a student has plus 3, which means excellent behavior to model for rest of class, then they earn a sticker. If a student gets minus 3 then they are asked to sit out of english time for a few minutes. Usually the english teacher will explain to them why they have to sit out to ensure it doesn’t happen again. We try not to get to this point.

Sometimes it feels like a game with their behavior. But its how they respond to directions and behavior, so it works.

For example, the troublesome students will quickly have better better once they earn their first one plus.


The only three classroom rules I’ve ever needed

(Respectfully and resourcefully stolen from my mother many years ago, and responsibly cited here)


(via teachingtomakeadifference)