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Sci Fi Lessons.

My year 8 class have been studying sci fi. First the read a few scifi stories and learnt the conventions. Then in groups they created their own planets that could be featured in a sci fi story. They a series of questions to concerning social customs, buildings and transports,  geographical features, animals and plants, and inhabitants. Different students in the group worked on different questions. They then put the key information onto A3 paper (example in the picture) a lot of the colouring happened in their own time.

Today they prepared 3-4 minute TV news reports including interviews with returning explorers who had visited their planets and met the inhabitants. I filmed the reports and we will be peer assessing them next week.

A lot of the work has been independent and group work and I’ve actually enjoyed teaching it, considering sci fi is my least favourite genre. (Give me gothic any day!)

Next step will be writing sci fi narratives and I’m going to put their planets on display outside the staffroom.


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