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Alice quote

Alice quote

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One of the best children’s stories. I loved this as a child.

One of the best children’s stories. I loved this as a child.

When I’m writing for adults, I’m just trying to entertain them. But a good children’s book does much more than entertain. It teaches children the use of words, the joy of playing with language. Above all, it helps children learn not to be frightened of books. Once they can get through a book and enjoy it, they realize that books are something that they can cope with. If they are going to amount to anything in life, they need to be able to handle books. If my books can help children become readers, then I feel I have accomplished something important.

Roald Dahl

(West 65-66)

I’ve steered clear of the furry, noisy kinds of interactive board books that babies and toddlers love, as these can be found prominently displayed in any bookshop or library. I’ve avoided the books that any child will come to automatically as they get older; stories by JK Rowling and Philip Pullman and Jacqueline Wilson, for example, which are so much part of the air that modern children breathe. And I have tended towards distinctive editions of the classics, figuring that parents and grandparents will add to these with more contemporary books over time.

When a child is read to they learn they are worth the investment of time and energy by an older person. It can also bond them to a flesh and blood human being rather than a technological gadget. We all need to be loved. Spending time to be with a child can be invaluable for both involved.
Tom Harrison (via liddlebeebooks)


Reading Strategies for Students (all ages)

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Includes strategies for before, middle and after reading as well as resources.

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Beautiful #HarryPotter collection here. I love Harry Potter and, even if you don’t, we should be grateful that J.K.Rowling started millions of children reading.

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