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one hundred and forty two (by i am not Ana)

Beautiful book cover

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Great book quote

Great book quote

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Lovely quote about #reading


It is essential that pupils have the opportunity to interact and engage with texts and move beyond literal comprehension. They need to consider questions that require them to deduce, infer, justify and evaluate.

Literal questions: repeating directly, or in own words what the text…


“Traveling with Books” - illustration by Momo Carretero



On a whim, I created a new class tradition yesterday: SCI-FI FRI! (Science Fiction Friday). Instead of a normal “Do Now” warm-up in class, Fridays’ will be visual, with more emphasis on creativity and wild imagination.

Huge hit. All the students were totally engaged, and it was awesome to see how they approached the writing prompt. Even better, two sixth grade girls volunteered to write me a Sci-Fi Fri theme song.

Notable quotes and conversations from the activity:


6th grade girl: Can my people have super-powers?

Me: Hmm…ok….one of them.

6th grade girl: [writes] 

1. One pretty strong 23-year old woman who has studied the moon for 10 years and knows how to make buildings from moon rocks.

2. A middle-aged man who can grow plants in an indoor environment.

3. A 13-year old girl who can turn anything into oxygen.


6th grade girl, writes:

20 people who know a lot about the moon.

Me: What other details are important about those 20 people?

Girl: Huh?

Me: Like, is it okay if they’re all 85-year old men who are complete moon experts?

Girl: Yeah!

Me: But… uh, what will happen to your civilization in 10 or so years?!

Girl: How would I know?

Me: Well, I’m just not sure you have the framework in place for this civilization to keep itself going for too long…

Girl: Oh yeah. I guess I’ll put some young people in there to have babies.


On the lists were a blend of skill specifications (“architects,” “expert botanists,” “engineers”), character traits (“a strong leader,” “a peace maker”) and specific people.

I made it onto a few of the 6th graders’ lists, which was hugely flattering, especially when one of them put me in the company of Bear Grylls and Barack Obama.

Me: So you’re going to kidnap the President and send him off on this mission with me and 18 others?!

Boy: Yup!!!

Love this! Can’t wait to see more!

Reblogging for the great idea!


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Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future.
Ray Bradbury (via thelifeofabookjunky)