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We’ve been working on the idea of ‘Core Values’ in our school Teaching and Learning conference. We asked pupils to decide if they could sum up the school’s core values for teaching and for learning. Many of the values were typical, such as ‘cooperation’ and ‘communication’.

What are your ‘core values’ for teaching and learning?

Adverbs/ sentence starts.

Teaching sentence starts is really simple - but getting pupils to apply the skill can be difficult.
I like simple, easy activities that enable pupils to understand and apply. They can then reflect, practise and apply in their own writing.

An easy teaching activity, to enable students to understand and apply similes, is to get them drawing.
Any object/ character could be chosen and then labelled, using similes to describe.
I would model this by starting off with something simple and then letting them come to the board and add.
This could then be developed further.


Success Criteria for convincing writing


‘Impressions’ Questions

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‘How’ Questions #EnglishGCSE #EnglishReadingPaper