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I’ve seen this on Pinterest before, but reblogging here.

Doing this with Shakespeare next week! #Pedagoo #ukedchat #blackout


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The Kansas City Star is running a blackout poetry contest and wrote up some good tips for making your own poems, many of them from Newspaper Blackout. I thought I’d share some of them here, along with my own notes. New poems coming tomorrow! —AK

Use the newspaper.

In the first few minutes of your lessons, what tips/ tricks have you discovered for settling the class and making a smooth start/ smooth transition?

I’ve picked up a few things along the way - but feel free to ‘reply’ with your tried and tested ideas!

  1. Meet your pupils at the classroom door - greet them as you would an adult, and use the time to give any reminders or ‘polite’ notices about their uniform etc.
  2. Have something to get on with - as pupils are walking in, or on the board/ their desks ready, have a short activity to get on with and to wake their brains up!
  3. Have someone who hands books/ work out for you as soon as they enter - it helps to use the same people, to build up a routine.
  4. Share the learning objectives and reason for covering this with pupils - handy to have it ready on the board/ PowerPoint slide etc and to take them through it. You can also get pupils to ‘explain’ back to you, and the class, what you’ll be doing and why.
  5. Be Welcoming - A positive start is much more likely to create a positive atmosphere and environment. Treat pupils with some respect. If you had a difficult lesson last time, don’t carry it forward in to this new lesson.

What about your ideas? x

A fantastic free resource that randomly selects from over 100 plenary activities. Enjoy!

This is my pedagogy target - to be more creative and try something new.

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I roll out of bed too

late to take a shower

throw on whatever is clean

Each muscle bruises under the

burden of movement

As I drive to class in dawn’s dark

I worry about the cancer

cells on my little sister’s cervix

My oldest sister’s gallstones

The hepatitis C in my father’s liver