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#TheCrucible revision: Essay feedback #MostCommonProblems #ThingsToFix

I used this reflection tool as an end of year evaluation. Pupils discussed in pairs/ groups and then put their answers in on their own copy :)

Technology and the classroom


What should students learn in the 21st century?

By Charles Fadel
Founder & chair­man, Cen­ter for Cur­ricu­lum Redesign

Vice-chair of the Edu­ca­tion com­mit­tee of the Busi­ness and Indus­try Advi­so­ry Com­mit­tee (BIAC) to the Orga­ni­za­tion for Eco­nom­ic Co-operat…

Interesting aspects - especially that today’s school curriculum is so packed with teaching content that there is little time to aquire important skills. I would argue that most teachers don’t know how to teach skills or even have or understand the skills required in an adult life in the not too distant future.


‘Creative … motivating’ and fired

By the end of her second year at MacFarland Middle School, fifth-grade teacher Sarah Wysocki was coming into her own.

“It is a pleasure to visit a classroom in which the elements of sound teaching, motivated students and a positive learning environment are so effectively combined,” Assistant Principal Kennard Branch wrote in her May 2011 evaluation.

He urged Wysocki to share her methods with colleagues at the D.C. public school. Other observations of her classroom that year yielded good ratings.

Two months later, she was fired.

Wysocki, 31, was let go because the reading and math scores of her students didn’t grow as predicted. Her undoing was “value-added,” a complex statistical tool used to measure a teacher’s direct contribution to test results.


What a fascinating article. It not only talks about learning but also how our behavior towards education is developed. The feedback from our teachers and parents are crucial to our perspective of our own learning ability.

It would be interesting to see if and how those perspectives change as we get older and how that affects lives. I know mine has shifted back and forth slightly. I think the way people perceive creativity is similar. It can be blocked by our own perspectives.

The research from this study could totally be applied to UX. When a user does something wrong and gets an error, they should be encouraged to try again so frustration doesn’t set in. 

Mini AFL flip charts. Very good idea.