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Descriptive Writing Prompt

Fantastic resource for writing found on pinterest


#TheCrucible revision: are you familiar with the framework? Can you apply it to ANY extract? Do you know the terms? If not - find out! #CraftedText

#CreativeWritingPrompt #myphoto


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Behavior Management—Improvement Needed Inventory


Kepler (the telescope, not the long-dead astronomer) just found the first multi-planet system that orbits a multi-star system. Now would be the appropriate time to invoke the Tatooine references.

This reminds us not only are there just a ton of “habitable zone” planets, but that they also orbit multiple types of star systems. You name a star system, we can probably put a planet around it.

Think about this: As habitable zone planets become more and more numerous, what will we use as a more useful indicator of whether they could harbor life? Because just being in the right place is not enough.

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Youtube in 1912?



step inside a painting

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the start of the school year

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