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'When to change paragraphs' #Reblogged

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What is punctuation’s job? #Cool

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The word ‘group’ started to look really weird.

[P.S. Edit: I got everything above — stars, labels, sticks — from the dollar store. Cost: three bucks and twenty minutes total.]


Between the cat images and celebrity garbage the Internet actually manages to boast educational potential.

Considerable educational potential, in fact.

Even that Twitter thing the kids are into these days, with its 140-characters and its perpetual haze of pound…

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Includes a mini bulletin board for the presidential election process. Lots of other goodies to be found.

Haven’t looked at this yet - but reblogging for my followers.

Does anyone have any resources for Arthur Miller’s ‘Broken Glass’ ?

I need to teach it at A Level - I’ve started some work on it, but would welcome any resources etc.


Writing - tenses


Make Your Own Shakespearean Insults (Thou gleeking, crook-pated flap-dragon)!  Shakespeare insult kit…


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