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“Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.” - Neil Gaiman

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Definitely using this in my classroom!

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Schools are becoming more and more technology oriented each day. At times, it seems that the ability of working with the lastest gadgets, computer software and social networking sites comes naturally to children. Meanwhile, adults struggle just to keep up. Since social networking has…

This is something that I want to spend some time working on and trialling. It looks like a brilliant resource and an excellent alternative to PowerPoint/ SMARTboard.

Need to spend some time taking a deeper look…

Randomly, as I was sat watching some telly last night, I realised that I’ve had more CPD in the last year than I had since beginning my NQT year. One of the major reasons for this, (and there are others) is the ability to network and share on twitter/ tumblr / Dropbox.

The various versions of ‘tags’ allow us to share our ideas, experiences, resources and, when necessary, complaints. Just like the ‘staffroom’, I was anxious that it might become a bitter spiral in to the hell and unstoppable moaning, but it isn’t.


Well, because #teachers who are using these sites aren’t using them to moan about little Johnny who won’t hand his homework in on time; they are using them simply for CPD.

Those teachers out there who aren’t a part of the ‘network’ - where are they getting their professional development?..

Dropbox is certainly one of the fantastic tools I wish I’d discovered and tried years ago.

For a long time I’ve been ferrying USB sticks/ Hard drives etc. to and from school. Often losing important data or saving it in places I forget about. I should’ve done this! Not only is it fantastic - it opens up a wolrd of sharing possibilities. Resources will never be difficult to share again!


What do High School students want from mobile tech?

Young people are becoming ‘wired’ and proficient with Internet use at an earlier age. According to this research, children age 2 - 11 make up 9.5 percent of the current online population. When this generation grow up having access to such tools, it is no wonder that they would prefer for this kind of technology to be integrated within learning:

  • 63 percent of students want online textbooks with communication facilities;
  • 40 percent want online texts with collaboration tools.
  • 43 percent stated social media is one of the main ways they communicate with friends online.
  • 62 percent  of student use the Internet as a new source; whereas 17 percent use it to gain knowledge concerning topics generally difficult to talk about — such as drug use.


Story Sticks. Yellow = character, Red = conflict, Green = setting, Blue = “Special”. Choose one of each and then make up a story based on what you’ve got.



(via Cornflower Blue: DIY Rotating Goal List) click for tutorial

What a fabulous way to manage your ‘to-do’ list on a weekly basis. Will definitely be adapting/ using this :)