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You’re at a camp fire. Tell a story.

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Useful and could be adapted to other examples #like


Ways to Analyse an Image

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It is about Martin Luther King Jr. Looks fantastic.

This would be a really good writing prompt, especially for description of a scene or as a setting/ starting point for a narrative. Imagine the detail and atmosphere you could create :)

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Story Sticks. Yellow = character, Red = conflict, Green = setting, Blue = “Special”. Choose one of each and then make up a story based on what you’ve got.



What should students learn in the 21st century?

By Charles Fadel
Founder & chair­man, Cen­ter for Cur­ricu­lum Redesign

Vice-chair of the Edu­ca­tion com­mit­tee of the Busi­ness and Indus­try Advi­so­ry Com­mit­tee (BIAC) to the Orga­ni­za­tion for Eco­nom­ic Co-operat…

Interesting aspects - especially that today’s school curriculum is so packed with teaching content that there is little time to aquire important skills. I would argue that most teachers don’t know how to teach skills or even have or understand the skills required in an adult life in the not too distant future.


Caroline, who is just about to finish sixth grade, looked through all the writing prompts and picked out her favorite fifteen. I was super impressed with the list and asked her permission to share it. So what follows are Caroline’s favorite fifteen prompts, in no particular order. Most of the…