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An English teacher at a Secondary School in the UK. * Sharing and questioning the day job. * I teach KS3/4/5.
* Looking for inspiration and motivation, to share with others. * Looking to constantly improve and grow. * On Twitter at @MissBex_M *
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Brilliant :-) #Reblogged #NotMine #teaching



Exactly. Collegiality is what it is all about.

Superb. Truth. Now, get on twitter…!

I don’t want to go back to work on Monday.

Well, been back at work an in the classroom for almost 4 weeks now.

This 4th week is really highlighting the stresses and demands we, as Secondary School teachers, are facing…

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A teacher is a lot more than simply a teacher

A table with levels 2-8 from the new NC for English in student-friendly language. Covers Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing, condensed onto 2 sides of A4. Useful for self- and peer- assessment.

Great resource!