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An English teacher at a Secondary School in the UK. * Sharing and questioning the day job. * I teach KS3/4/5.
* Looking for inspiration and motivation, to share with others. * Looking to constantly improve and grow. * On Twitter at @MissBex_M *
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The A to Z of Alice in Wonderland

illustration by Claudia Varosio :: via

(via teachingtomastery)


Teaching 101: Classroom Strategies for the Beginning Teacher
Learn the essential must-know strategies to a rewarding and successful teaching career at any grade level! Teaching 101, one of the most comprehensive introductions to teaching available, is a book that provides essential knowledge…


Silence as a Teaching Tool: Meditation in the Classroom

Silence as a teaching tool

Teachers fill their classes with sound. A lecture or assignment that excites a lively class discussion is deemed successful. It is also productive to fill them occasionally with silence. There is no exercise that my…

I love to use my iPad2 for note taking and brainstorming, but find I am constantly annoyed that I can’t find a decent stylus pen, that will allow me to write neatly.

Can anyone recommend one? Please?

Again, supporting my theory that the job is at least 30% performing!