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Creative Writing Prompt: Tell the story, set the scene. What’s happening here? 5 senses etc.

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An asterik’s lament

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Using these two crisp brands, compare and contrast the language and design. How do their audiences differ? How do you know? #nonfiction #language #advertising - Inspired by my Y12 anthology prep, I’m adapting for y9.

creative writing prompt:

Describe the view/ setting from that bench :)

Creative writing prompt: write about having to make a choice. What happened?

Creative writing prompt: tell this journey

A table with levels 2-8 from the new NC for English in student-friendly language. Covers Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing, condensed onto 2 sides of A4. Useful for self- and peer- assessment.

Great resource!

Teaching Ideas via The Literacy Shed

  • Describe the opening scenes.
  • Describe the journey, what the girl could see as they went along, perhaps one of the other passengers.
  • Write a newspaper report detailing what happened, maybe the driver thought everyone was off, the tram went over and they found the girl the next day amongst the wreckage.
  • Write a conversation between the girl and the person she meets at the end.
  • Write a first person account of the accident from the girls point of view,she could be sending a message from heaven.

ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE LITERACY SHED/ OWNERSHIP. CHECK IT OUT HERE; a fantastic resource for all early years/ English teachers.